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A socio-ecological evaluation of wetlands restoration and reintroduction programs in favor of the European pond turtle and associated biodiversity: a pan-European approach


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7 May 2022: Emys-R on FranceInfo

A reportage by Florence Grandon

Standard protocols are implemented in the field for assessing the success of the reintroduction of the Emys [Isabelle Kuhn]

5 May 2022: Emys-R on TV news

A reportage by Claire Peyrot (link to Youtube)

26-28 April 2022: Kick-off meeting in Strasbourg, France

The Emys-R Consortium met for the kick-off meeting in Strasbourg and visited the study sites in France and Germany.

Emys-R Consortium on the bridge of Vieille Lauter/Alte Lauter River marking the administrative border between France and Germany [Nicolas Busser]

12 April 2022: joined WP1 and WP2 meeting in the field

WP1 and WP2 people joined in the field on Woerr study site to settle common protocols on environmental genomics to be implemented on all study sites of the Emys-R Project.





5 April 2022: Signagure of the Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement is the cooperation agreement for collaborative research projects between the public and private partners of the Project, each partner being subsidised for the completion of the project. It is a private agreement signed between the partners to define mutual rights and obligations.

1 February 2022: Official starting date of the Emys-R Project

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