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16 September 2022: Emys-R highlighted on TV France 3 Région

A reportage by Nadine Ly (see the reportage, at minute 10 and beyond).

1 June 2022: Emys-R is now on Twitter!

19 May 2022: Tortue cistude et zones humides : un lien fort à l’échelle de l’Europe.

An article by Frédéric Zink (link to the article).

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10 May 2022: Emys-R is on LinkedIn!

7 May 2022: Bas-Rhin : comment les tortues cistudes pourraient sauver les zones humides.

An article by Florence Grandon for France 3 TV (link to the article).

5 May 2022: Un programme de réintroduction de la cistude d’Europe

A reportage by Claire Peyrot for France 3 TV (link to the video)

4 May 2022: Au chevet des zones humides et de la cistude

An article by Alexandre Rol for DNA Newspapers (link to the article)

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